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Grand Master Sung-Chan Chang has over 38 years of martial arts experience. Grand Master Chang is a Seventh degree black belt in the traditional Korean martial art of Taekwondo, certified by the Kukkiwon. The Kukkiwon is the official World Headquarters for authentic Taekwondo. Grand Master Chang was born in South Korea, and is a graduate of the world famous Yong-In University, where he was awarded a Master’s degree in Sports Management, specializing in Taekwondo. Grand Master Chang is also a Seventh degree black belt in Yongmoodo. Grand Master Chang is one of the elite few who is not only a Master in the arts of Taekwondo and Yongmoodo, but also has a formal university graduate degree in physical education and teaching.

At the core of our philosophy is that we must take proper care of our bodies and minds. In order to advance as martial artists, we must practice Taekwondo. However, it is essential to incorporate quiet time, proper diet and hydration, and rest. We must also think positively, avoid speaking negatively at all times and serve others. By practicing these things daily to keep our bodies, minds, and spirits in good health, we will begin to increase our positive energy. We remind students that internal change (eliminating bad habits) is never swift and will not be as recognizable as the external changes the body shows from the physical training that occurs. Yet the internal changes are more important and are absolutely essential to succeed as a Taekwondo practitioner.


  • Graduated From Yong-In University ( Taekwondo specializing )

  • Yong-In University, Master’s degree in Sports Management, specializing

  • 7th Degree Black Belt Taekwondo

  • 4th Degree Black Belt kick boxing

  • 1994-2012 Korea YIMJIN Martial Arts Grand Master

  • The World Taekwondo Championship Competitive Sparring Gold Medalist In Korea.

  • Certified Taekwondo 3rd Class Sparring Referee (Form Kukkiwon)

  • Certified in 2nd Class Chiropractic & Physical Therapy



8th Degree Black Belt Judo 

8th Degree Black Belt Taekwondo 

Official -- 1976 until present

            Started Judo and Taekwondo official in 1976

            Attained International Referee status in Judo and Taekwondo 1982

            Olympic License in 1987 for Judo and Taekwondo

            Past member of Pan American Judo Union Referee Commission Member (42 countries)

            Olympic Referee in Atlanta 1996

            Paralympics Referee in Atlanta 1996

            Olympic Referee in Sidney 2000

            Referee 5 times for Judo World Championships (Spain, France, England, Egypt and Germany)

            Referee for World Taekwondo Championships in Denmark in 1983

            Pan Am Olympic Games referee 2 times (Canada and Brazil)

            US Taekwondo National Championships  Referee 10 times



            Sixth Ring Member of US Olympic Committee

            US Judo Life Member and Referee Commission Member

            World Taekwondo Federation Member

            US Taekwondo Union Past Vice Chair of Referee Committee

            Past President of Minnesota Taekwondo Association


            NW Airlines President's Excellence Award

            International Olympic Committee Appreciation Awards

            US Olympic Committee Awards

            US Judo and World Taekwondo Federation Awards

            Inducted into Pan American Judo Union Hall of Fame in 2008

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Master Chang's Yong-In Martial Arts-Kukp

Master Chang's Staff

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Yunseo Chang

Yuna Chang

4th Degree Black Belt Taekwondo

3rd Degree Black Belt Taekwondo



Marcus Niles

2nd Degree Black Belt Taekwondo

World Taekwondo Federation
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