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Young Family

Chang’s Yong-In Martial Arts is the best place for all age groups to come and learn martial arts! Not only does this school teach martial arts, it comes with the complete package for training, education, mental and physical development. It allows individuals to expand their skills and knowledge both in and outside of the school. All the instructors are passionate instructors who use positive reinforcement and pays attention to details to help their students succeed. Specifically, the instructors help the children learn to respect and disciplines in which will be crucial steps to success. Stop by and see what this school has to offer, you won’t be disappointed!


My 2 kids have been doing Tae Kwon Do at Chang's for about 6 months and we all absolutely love it. The instructors all give very individualized attention to each student to work on his or her specific needs. My kids really enjoy the activity and the sense of accomplishment as they learn new skills and achieve new belts. I highly recommend!

Parents and Child

We toured several martial arts schools before landing here. They are by far the best- high quality instruction at an affordable price. We also love that they are a traditional martial arts school so it is much more than just learning techniques. Instructors are also great with kids too!


A fantastic facility. Siblings and cousins have trained with Mr. Chung. They really know how to show discipline and respect at the same time. Mr. Chung is our favorite instructor, he is super kid friendly, can diffuse any situation, and really cares for every student.


My daughter just signed up for classes here at Master Chang’s...We are both thrilled about our experience here! Parking is easy, the staff were super friendly, helpful and instruction was superb! The environment that they created here made us feel instantly at home and I really enjoyed chatting with the other parents!
Thank you so much!

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